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Besides all of the fun, free online casino games, if you join Bovada Casino now you’re automatically entitled to a welcome bonus which gives all new players back 100% of their first chip purchases (up to $500.00).  With over 120 casino games to choose from – plus a weekly menu of casino bonuses and regular promotions – Bovada Casino has something for everyone.
Once you’ve got the Bovada Casino download on your desktop and you’ve made your way into the lobby of Bovada’s online casino, you can play online slots, online blackjack, online craps, online roulette, baccarat online, video poker online and so much more. And don't forget that you can also play your favourite games right from your mobile devices with the Bovada Mobile Casino app. The mobile app supports a wide range of devices including iPhone, iPad and Android-based smart phones and tablets.
Find your favorite casino games at Bovada.lv. Raise your game.

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Updated: 29 min 11 sec ago
Nov 13 2014

Bovada’s Top Five Slots

While there’s no shortage of slots available to casino fans, there is a short list of favorites. We encourage players to try their luck at whatever game tickles their fancy, but rest assured we also have a best of the best list compiled for when you crave something new. These are favorites ar...
Sep 09 2014

World’s Most Coveted Slot Machine Pays Out the Jackpot After Over 20 Years

We thought it might never happen. After years of sitting, waiting and wishing, we can now rest assured that the jackpot has surfaced. We are talking about the Lion’s Share slot machine at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and the progressive jackpot that’s spent a little bit too much time progressi...
Jan 06 2014

Slots Strategy: How to Play Smarter and Make More Money

Slot machines are fairly straightforward — that’s why so many players flock to them — but you should always take the time to learn more about the machines and how to get the most out of them. This article will help you play online slots better as well as give you tips that can help you in ...
May 23 2013

Slots Previews: Bonkers & Crazy Dragon

Slot traditionalists have lots of options in the Bovada Casino with numerous three-reel games from which to choose. These offer a simple version of the old-fashioned games but have new-age bonus features that make them as entertaining as the newest online slot games. Two of the favorite three-re...
May 23 2013

New Online Slots | Dino Island & Ares: The Battle for Troy

With over 120 different themed slot games from which to choose, and new ones being introduced on a regular basis, online slots players have known for years that they can find the game they want to play at the Bovada Casino. That trend continues with two more games which are already highly-rated ...